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"What they saw, finally, was that . . . after the world comes to an end, life goes on."

Utopia is a brand new play from Charles L. Mee, Obie Award winning playwright of Big Love and sculpting pioneer of American experimental theater. Commissioned by Cutting Ball Theater, Utopia envisions the world as it could be through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl, people-watching in a cafe, munching on croissants, and wrestling with the question: “how do you make a life?”

Performed by nine of the Bay Area’s finest actors, accented by fantastical designs, animated artworks, and choreographed dance, Mee’s newest play transforms the simplest moments of a mundane day into a surreal and colorful ride through fantasy, self-expression, connection, and community.

A poetic and genre-defying dreamscape that audiences can stream from home, Utopia delivers the spectacle that you’ve been missing.